History of Fragrances

Smell can evoke emotions & resurrect long lost memories. Each time we sniff a particular fragrance in the air, it gets noted in the register of our mind and assigns itself to a memory. We, at Imperial Fragrances have gone back in time to their inception with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, to understand fragrances better.

Fragrances have always existed in the nature, as we all know. But it was ancient Egypt where they first became an additional ornament to humans. Egyptians used scents in many ways; from religious rituals to cremations to even daily wear. Pharaohs & high-class elites used to gild themselves with aromas like lily to convey their social position. From ancient Egypt to the Middle East to Persia, elites took over the use of fragrances as a sign of political status. Luckily for the Persians to go world over, fragrances found new connoisseurs in Greeks & Romans. Advanced civilizations of Rome & Greece started seeing preserving and wearing fragrances as a form of art. Archeologists have recently discovered a perfumery from 2000 BC, near Cyprus. This signifies the importance of scents even 4000 years prior to our existence. Slowly fragrances had their enormous silage all over the world, till they found their home in France around 1190. The first ever bottle of perfume for commercial use was produced in a narrow Parisiennewalkway. And it was not long before fragrances blossomed into a massive industry.

The city of Grasse in France is known as the hub of all perfumeries. While in India, the lost fragrant town of Kannauj plays the part. Kannauj, the city of ittr, has India’s own essential oil brand. According to sources, the tradition goes back to Indus Valley Civilization.The government of India, set up its Fragrance &Flavours Development Centre (FFDC) in Kannauj for the betterment of the only workers who make Ittr.